Direct Hire Recruitment

iSphereIQ conducts rigorous consultant search, screening assessment, interviewing and contact negotiation processes to help IT organizations fill direct hire positions with the best professionals for the job. Handled on a contingency basis, clients only pay when they hire an iSphere direct-hire consultant.

The secret to our Direct Hire Recruitment success is process excellence. Our clients can be certain that the iSphere consultants they interview have been painstakingly vetted and are well suited to the job and company culture.

The Process

iSphereIQ has developed a carefully planned methodology for identifying the best talent for each client. Starting with a thorough review of the job request, iSphere identifies appropriate consultants through their extensive networking channels and conducts a comprehensive review to determine fit. Appropriate candidates are then qualified through an internal interview before ever meeting the client. Once the candidate passes iSphere’s review, references are verified and interviews scheduled.

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