What happens if one of our staff is sick – do you have the ability to backfill that position? If so, at what cost?

When one of your staff members notifies us that they are unable to attend a schedule shift, we will advise your primary point of contact as soon as possible. As each staff member is dedicated to work solely within your business, it is not possible to just provide a replacement with the same knowledge which is why we recommend having multiple staff from the outset.

What hours do the staff work and can i have a nightshift?

As our centre is open 24×7 we are able to have shifts at different time that may suit you better. Please discuss these options with your account manager who would be more than happy to assist. Note that shifts worked between 10pm to 6am Philippine local time attract a night shift differential loading or 10%.

What happens with public holidays?

You have the option to choose if your team member works your local or the Philippines public holidays. If staff works during a Philippines Public or special holiday, they are entitled to either 30% or 100% loading for that day.

How soon can we have someone start on our team?

Once you have signed, returned the Workspace Agreement and paid your security deposit, it will generally take 2 to 4 weeks to have your new staff members selected and ready to start work on your campaign. The time frame may vary depending on the person you have chosen and their availability to start straight away or if they are required to give a notice period to their current employer.

When and how often should we travel to Philippines?

We suggest that you should consider travelling to Manila three to four times a year. The initial trip is to on-board and train your staff, then again each quarter. Your team will certainly respond to you spending time with one on one with them and also the ability to provide hands on group training during your time in our office. We are happy to assist you in making arrangements from travel to accommodation and booking the required meeting and training rooms during your stay.

Who should come over for these trips?

It is important that the person who normally does the training for your company is the one that also comes to Manila to train your staff. This will provide you with continuity across both countries for both your staff and client base. We also strongly encourage you to have key stake holders of the business come over with the trainer to meet and see firsthand the facilities for themselves. There are also key dates through the year where social event are held like Easter and Christmas, these are the perfect opportunity for your onshore team to bond with your offshore team.

How do we develop a training program?

When you first on-board your staff, we will work with you to help develop a timeline and plan for the team’s training. This will become the basis of any future on-boarding for new staff to your team. Once the initial training plan is developed, we will work with you to see how future training for new staff members might be able to be done more efficiently via the use of existing senior team members already in place.

What other services can you offer?

While our main focus is providing dedicated staff to your company for the role you have enquired about, we also know there might be some services we can help you with that you haven’t even thought about or don’t require a full time person in that position.

How am I invoiced?

You will receive two invoices a month, the Fixed Cost will be invoiced a month in advance and the Variable Cost will be invoiced in arrears. Any currency conversions will be done on the 1st of the month using the published rate for that currency on the ANZ Australia Bank website

How do I pay?
Australian clients: EFT to our local Australian bank account
Philippines clients: EFT to our applicable local PHP, AUD or US accounts
Other Clients: you will need to arrange an international transfer to our Philippines based US account
Can I get a discount as I grow?
Absolutely, we are here to help you grow your team, so we provide price breaks at 5, 10, 15 and 20+ seats. Also keep in mind that your team can be made up of different resources, so now might be the time to get your own Executive Assistant.
Are we able to have a Bi-lingual staff?
While English is the primary language at TGT we are also able to source staffs that have Mandarin, Cantonese, Malay, Indonesian, Japanese and Korean skills. When hiring a Bi-lingual staff member there is a language allowance that will need to budgeted for and will vary depending on the role and skill level required.