InvestRite is a Treasury Management system incorporating the latest risk management technologies, which help banks assess the expected risk/return profile of their transactions in Fixed Income and Money Market securities.

InvestRite incorporates a robust and comprehensive statistical rating process. It is designed to capture, store, analyse and process back office events of trading positions. InvestRite provides banks with the tools to operate in an environment with low tolerance for risk and high sensitivity to cost. InvestRite can be hosted on multiple models, including the bank’s existing rating system. It seamlessly integrates front, back and mid-offices, enabling all users to access the same information pool. The use of latest GUI Technology supports graphical and pictorial representations of information and analysis reports. A range of built-in reports facilitate submission of statutory returns; and the report-writer enables users to customize reports as per need. With InvestRite banks can customise financial templates (parameterized accounting definitions, term structure equaltions, etc.) based on their needs. It adopts Industry Standard Pricing and Portfolio Analytics Models to perform what if simulations and sensitivity analysis of interest rates.


Highly customizable financial templates

Limit checking prior to saving of deal

Advanced Analytics like duration, convexity, and mark to market using NPV method

Trade evaluation before confirmation of deal

What-if analysis of interest rate change scenarios

Value-at-risk analysis of market risk for limit setting

Define Posting Rules for various Security Codes and Events

Define various limits sessions for Equity & Back Office Portfolio


InvestRite’s advanced risk management tools boost your Credit Risk Management capabilities.


It is flexible by supporting both Manual and Automated Trade Matching


InvestRite has over 200 built-in reports designed based on industry best practices and regulatory requirements. Users can define their specific reporting needs and formats


It enables Equity Portfolio Optimization


It provides for Profit & Loss Decomposition, and also provides the flexibility to assess and manage risk at Branch, Region and Corporate levels


It supports fixed interest (including SLR securities) and equity as well as Government & Corporate bonds

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