SharePoint & Collaboration Technologies

Collaboration tools such as Microsoft® SharePoint are powerful application and programming platforms. Your business can experience substantial improvements among employees and partners in a multitude of ways including; information sharing, data organization, reporting, publishing, and project management. The key to realizing these gains is to carefully plan and execute your collaboration strategy and vision.

iSphereIQ understands that no two businesses are alike. Our technology consultants have the knowledge and experience to help your company or organization successfully plan, customize, deploy and support your SharePoint site or portal to meet your unique business needs.

iSphereIQ’s collaboration technology consulting and implementation services include:


  • Business
  • Applications
  • Design
  • Governance
  • Migration


  • Workflows
  • Business Connectivity
  • Intranets and Portals


  • System Administrators
  • Staff


  • System Administrator Support
  • Full System Maintenance and Support