Excellence Delivered

Expect the unexpected in IT consulting. Out-of-the-box thinking and performance excellence deliver brilliant business-IT strategy, systems and IT staffing talent.

Problem Solvers

We may not be superheroes, but you can count on us for creative thinking and big picture solutions. We’re honest, fun to work with, and committed. Plus, we really know our stuff.

Goals Achieved

Our IT consulting services map client needs to the best strategies to conquer business and IT staffing goals.

Expectations Met

We shoot right to the point with an IT consulting approach based on deep knowledge of client industries. No hurdles, no hoops, no hassles.

iSphereIQ provides you with total confidence when engaging with us. Whether you’re implementing enterprise applications, making an entire digital transformation or investigating outsource options, our experience, insight and rigour will help you move forward with assurance.

While Software testing is our strength, We’re also a large enterprise software reseller; and sell, support and provide training in Banking and Finance.

Harness the benefits of our experienced staff, effective processes, latest tech, industry compliance and modern facilities.

Enjoy flexible smart outsourcing options

Select from a range of contact centre, back office, marketing & technology services.

Get expert staff (minimum of 5) in customer support, back office operations, transaction services, sales, graphic design, web & software development, admin, finance, etc. to support your growing business.

Enjoy flexible smart Software solutions

iSphereIQ is run by professionals who have a wealth of experience in the Banking and Information Technology industry. The products sold by iSphereIQ for the Banking and Financial services industry are highly parameterized, configurable and combines a user-friendly front-end with robust back-end processes to help banks better manage their business and deliver efficient services. The products are deployable on-site or in the cloud through ASPs.

Enjoy flexible smart sourcing strategies

For any organization achieving the right balance of leadership and staff is a challenge. A smart sourcing strategy requires careful planning in order to help a business at any stage.

 iSphereIQ understands the strategic and bottom-line value of Recruitment, weather contract or direct hire. We are experts in helping businesses source, evaluate and hire talent for positions with diligent professionals whose contributions are continuous and significant.

 iSphereIQ conducts rigorous consultant search, screening assessment, interviewing and contact negotiation processes to help organizations fill positions with the best professionals for the job.

Enjoy flexible smart IT Services

iSphereIQ provide a wide range of IT services, from IT Helpdesk services, Project Management, Business Analysis, Development and Testing. We help our partners overcome bottlenecks and silos and build connected business systems that scale in real-time to create new revenue streams and enable delivery on-demand..